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For the convenience of his patients, Hameed Dosunmu, MD, offers in-office imaging tests to quickly and accurately diagnose a number of conditions. At Royal Suntomed Medical Group in San Antonio, you can receive on-site diagnostic tests such as X-rays, EKGs, and echocardiograms. Dr. Dosunmu performs these tests in a comfortable office environment, so you have the peace of mind you deserve when seeking a diagnosis for chest pain, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, and more. Call the office or schedule an appointment today to learn more.

EKGs, X-Rays, and Echocardiograms Q & A

Why do I need an X-ray?

X-rays use electromagnetic waves to create pictures of the internal structures of your body in shades of black and white.

You may need an X-ray to diagnose broken or fractured bones. This type of imaging test can also identify pneumonia, an infection in your lungs. Dr. Dosunmu may also request an X-ray to confirm a diagnosis of arthritis or osteoporosis, a condition that causes progressive deterioration of your bones.

An X-ray is safe, noninvasive, and doesn’t cause pain. Also, you wear a protective vest over other areas of your body to prevent overexposure to radiation.

What is an EKG?

An electrocardiogram, or EKG, is a noninvasive test that can detect heart problems. The test works by attaching electrode patches on different areas of your body that record activity in your heart.

Using this information, Dr. Dosunmu can determine if you have heart issues such as an irregular heartbeat, heart murmur, or signs of heart disease. He may also use this type of test to measure your overall heart health during your annual physical exam.

An EKG is painless, and it only takes a few minutes to complete the test.

How does an echocardiogram work?

An echocardiogram is an imaging test that uses high- frequency sound waves to take pictures of your heart. Using this test, Dr. Dosunmu can view the different chambers of your heart, as well as the valves and blood vessels.

During the test, Dr. Dosunmu uses a handheld probe that he moves over your chest in the area of your heart. The sound waves produce a visual image of your heart he can view on an external monitor.

You may need an echocardiogram if Dr. Dosunmu detects abnormalities in your heart or to diagnose unexplained chest pain. He uses the test to check the size and shape of your heart, it’s pumping ability, and the functionality of the valves.

Echocardiograms aren’t invasive and don’t require any preparation. Dr. Dosunmu views your heart in real-time and can detect any functional abnormalities during the test.

To learn more about the diagnostic testing options available at Dr. Dosunmu’s San Antonio office, call Royal Suntomed Medical Group or make an appointment online today.